Welcome to Vehicle Wraps UK. London’s leading vehicle wrapping company. With over 20 years vinyl wrapping experience we can wrap and transform any vehicle, be it a Car, Van, Truck, Taxi, Bus, Bike or Boat, in any colour, printed design or pattern you can imagine.

At Vehicle Wraps UK, we use the best sourced professional wrapping vinyl, follow every contour of your vehicle, every bit of the bodywork can be covered with a new colour or custom graphics. Something that would cost many thousands of pounds in a garage. On newer vehicles, vinyl wrapping can actually protect your current paint job from scrapes and scuffs, and unlike a respray can be easily be removed should you want to sell the vehicle or change to new colours or branding.

Vehicle wraps are an easy and affordable alternative to a vehicle paint re-spray. With large sheets of adhesive vinyl our highly experienced fitters are able to cover any vehicle from bumper to bumper with a new colour, printed advert, company graphics or even a crazy pattern.

“With image being very important in this day and age, both business and private clients are looking for an affordable way to make a change, create impact and turn heads. This can be achieved with Vehicle Wraps. Imagine you can change your dull vehicle paintwork into a vivid new colour, revive the life of your car, van or bike, and make it shine like it has just left the showroom, even if the vehicle is 20 years old or more!”

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